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Once your content or creative design has passed through our post-production, editing and final mastering, you can then broadcast or print your professionally produced content with confidence.

Our multi-disciplined approach is invaluable, not only to devise and produce effective and memorable campaigns, but also serves to develop a comprehensive communication strategy across constantly emerging multi-media options and diverse technologies.


Creative Services
Exen2ric provides creative content for digital signage, web media and print. We also design electronic forms for businesses  to compliment E-Forms solutions.
Our creative team will produce and deliver your content using the very latest industry standard, Audio Visual (AV) applications and Computer Aided Design software (CAD).

We aim to assist organizations in developing creative concepts, and also provide expertise in communication strategies across diverse technologies, whilst reducing any possible complications that may inhibit a successful campaign strategy.

Our creative team has over 30 years experience in delivering concepts across a range of market sectors, and we are committed to providing the most cost-effective, innovative campaigns.
Exen2ric is committed to provide engaging high-profile content, creating an enjoyable media experience for target audiences. Our production team has expertise in developing projects at all levels with key industry facilitators, including companies such as ARRI Media, Panalux, Concept Cameras, Deluxe, Rushes of Soho and Redwood Studios amongst many others.

We  are adept in a wide range of creative software, allowing greater creative options for our customers. Our professional attitude and highly skilled team provide organisations with a desirable, fully managed outsource option for creative services.

We produce professional content for:-

Corporate Communications
Hospitality & Leisure
Public Sector

Core competencies

A complete end-to-end production and post-production service in which key personnel work from the initial stages of the creative brief, through the production process, until final sign-off to ensure creative continuity.

A creative team with extensive industry experience, working to push the frontiers of what can be done and how stories can be told in a more dynamic, innovative and interactive way.

A supporting team of writers and story-board artists that provides the creative edge during the development stage of production.

Our services include

Advertising & Marketing concepts - Campaign strategies, Branding, Logo design
Multi-Media - Graphic design, Web design, e-Form Design
Video Production - Story-boards, location sourcing and production
Post Production - 2D & 3D Animation, Editing & Colour Correction, Text Titling, Authoring, Mastering and Format Conversion
Audio Production - Sound Recording, Mixing Editing & Mastering