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Mobile Data Solutions
It is not always possible to work without paper forms. Some work processes still require the use of pen and paper. This may be necessary to reduce high costs for mobile computing, or just to allow remote communications where a notebook is a barrier.

Handwritten entries on paper are usually retyped or scanned. Both processes are prone to error and extremely labour intensive. e-forms allow seamless processing of handwritten data and ensures data continuity.

An e-Form is a simple and dynamic solution for small and large companies to digitise form-based business processes. e-Forms are a flexible, customisable and qualified mobile data solution.
e-Forms allow time-critical important information to be captured digitally and then simultaneously transmitted to the back office. Other business processes, can in turn, utilise this vital information.
Digital pen & paper
Paper-based forms in many companies are still indispensable for various reasons.  Our solution allows forms to be written naturally by pen and then transmitted via G4 wireless networks or via  a physical USB connection to a PC.

Working with pen and paper
Use the digital pen to fill out forms and other documents. Employees are not required to learn any new procedures in order to use this technology. This simplifies the conversion to a digital format and virtually negates the cost of training.

Smart Phone, Tablet, Touch-Screen, PC  or Sky-Board
As an alternative to the digital pen, Exen2ric also provide e-Form applications for Smart Phones, Mobile Tablets, PDA’s or other touch-screen technologies including our SkyBoard, thus eliminating the need for paper.

High mobility of employees
Whether employees are in technical services, professional services, nursing services, sales or retail, the digital pen is undoubtedly one of the most practical solutions for mobile personnel.
Reliable information from the beginning
The handwritten information is encrypted and readable only when converted on the secure server. In addition, authenticated e-form signatures is provided as a comparison with stored templates.

Digital data available everywhere
Availability of the data is possible from virtually anywhere via the Internet - but only with a secure log in.

Automatic transfer to leading IT systems
The advantage of digital information system pays off when the resulting data is integrated to other systems, Increasing efficiency and producing electronic records faster than manual collection of documents and folders.

Benefit from forward-thinking solutions which provide flexibility, overall cost-savings, greater mobility, and transparency of business processes.

Our e-Form solutions run on interactive screens, PC’s, mobile devices, bar code or radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies.

Handwritten information is transmitted wirelessly or via USB, and the resulting data is converted to digital characters securely and seamlessly.
The e-Form solution is applicable to all paper-based forms.
Additional benefits of e-Forms include workflow routines that may not have been possible previously, including statistical data mining, or other intelligence gathering from the resulting information.  


True return on investment
Digital records and work notes mean more money for businesses. The period of performance to create digitised documents and records will significantly reduce time-consuming tasks, thus leading to a liquidity advantage and lower overheads.

Low effort for administration and maintenance
The time required for the administration of e-forms and the cost of the optional service are manageable. Flexible administration and the independent development of the forms ensure high independence.

Complete documentation with photos
In addition to the written records, the Photo-client enables mobile devices running the Android® or Windows Mobile® operating system to attach photographic images and upload images in association with the forms i.e. A&E medical photos of damage or wounds or other corroborative applications.