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Content Delivery Networks
Digital signage is now a proven technology. It will allow to you broadcast information in the right place at the right time. It is an effective technology to communicate your message, with the additional benefit of maintaining and managing reusable content, which is easily editable for future campaigns.

The evolution of digital signage provides organisations with an effective means to communicate with a wider audience. This capability to communicate messages in targeted locations at specified times is a powerful tool!

Exen2ric’s broadcast solution creates multimedia networks, specifically tailored to any business or institution.

Our solution, combined with eye-catching technology is designed to keep you one step ahead in audio-visual communications...
What can our Digital Signage do for you?

Schedule critical broadcast times - across multiple sites and multiple zones, in any sector, region, or country depending on the extent of your network.

Broadcast specific content - target diverse audiences at particular times of the day, week, month or year in order to improve the effectiveness and relevance of campaigns

Influence and attract new customers - reach a wider audience by utilising the power of a professional digital signage network with the very latest cutting-edge, fully integrated digital signage technology.

Maintain campaign continuity - with robust, proven, fully managed and supported digital signage network solutions

Intermesh with other devices - Embrace the power of Near Field Communications (NFC) delivering data to other devices i.e. Smart-phones & Tablets

Utilise Widgets - Divide your screen ‘real estate’ into independent panels so that different elements are capable of playing simultaneously I.e. local weather, RSS News Feeds, local and international times etc.

Interact with other social media - link to Facebook & Twitter, YouTube etc.

Education - Educational institutions are now exploiting their options in technology to accommodate digital communication preferences. Informing students and staff in a timely and efficient manner is now an important element in everyday operational procedures.

Corporate Communications - Strategic communications help a business achieve its goals. Organisations throughout the world are now using digital signage to promote themselves in an eye-catching  way in reception areas, meeting rooms, hallways or dining areas.
Designed for the cloud
Hosted on Microsoft AZURE and designed from the ground up to run in the cloud, our solution brings unprecedented levels of scalability & reliability to digital signage by operating multiple virtualised servers in up to six data centres simultaneously around the world. Content is automatically backed-up and replicated giving you peace of mind.

Content creation & scheduling
We can also provide a full range of professional creative services to support, deliver and maintain your advertising campaigns and corporate information.
Specialised Integration
Interface to NFC, RFID, EPOS, Fire Alarms, emergency notification systems, proximity devices etc. to interrupt playback with critical messages. These messages, like any in the system, are logged in order to generate reports.
Healthcare - Waiting rooms, hallways and dining areas are ideal locations for communicating messages to your patients and educating them about treatments, procedures, diseases, risks and other health- related matters.

Hospitality - Communication is key in making people feel welcomed and at home in your hotel, restaurant or bar. Deliver a vast array of information in a variety of formats when and where this matters the most, including menus, prices, event times and other useful items

Retail - Digital signage has a profound impact on the shopping experience, enabling customers to make decisions that are more informed and helping retailers to make their stores more attractive and improve their bottom line

Public Sector - The government, police and other institutions can deliver targeted and timely communications to the public. Broadcast information straight from the office, with minimal costs and effort.